As we all travel down this path together, it is really important to understand the various players involved and what their roles are. We’ll attempt to clarify that here.

Friends of the ACHC

The “we” I refer to in most of my posts is an ad hoc group that has formed in the past month, after that memorable “Community Conversation” at AWEC. We call ourselves “Friends of the Annapolis Community Health Centre” or “Friends of ACHC” for short.

We are a group of citizens, growing in number, who care very much about the fate of ACHC, just as you do. We gather at Granville Hall every so often, and work between meetings on various tasks that we hope will lead us all to understand more about what is happening, and to help others understand how much we need to retain all the services at ACHC including a 24 hour ER.

One of the “Friends” has written a brief summary about our group – have a quick read.

The “Friends” group has issued a Position Paper regarding the future of the ACHC.

ACHC Auxiliary

A long time group that has supported the ACHC (and before that, the Annapolis General Hospital) is the Auxiliary. In their words:

Our mandate is to promote and support the present facilities and role of the Annapolis Community Health Centre (ACHC). We do this through the purchase of equipment and the provision of services and educational programs related to health and health care, as our members decide is appropriate from time to time.

The Auxiliary is very concerned about the future of the ACHC and has issued this Position.

Annapolis West Health Foundation

The Annapolis West Health Foundation (AWHF) is a non-profit organization established in 1992.  It functions as the trustee of funds donated or bequeathed to the Foundation or the Annapolis Community Health Centre (ACHC).

The mandate of this non-profit organization is to ensure sustainable funding to enhance quality health and wellness initiatives in Annapolis West. Right now, AWHF provides the financial resources that currently support these major projects:

  • our Van Transportation Program, which provides transportation to medical appointments outside Annapolis County

  • our Palliative Care Program, which provides compassionate, family-focused end-of-life care

  • our Seniors Safety Program, which helps seniors stay safe and healthy in their own homes.

  • our Equipment Funding Program, which helps purchase more equipment and services for the Annapolis Community Health Centre (ACHC).
  • our Health Careers Education Program

The AWHF as issued a Position Statement regarding the future of the ACHC.

Annapolis Community Health Board

As quoted in their brochure,  this group has clear responsibilities outlined in the Health Authorities Act. These responsibilities include:

  • Develop profiles of the community that identify its strengths and challenges.
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of community based services and programs in that community.
  • Develop a health plan based on information from the community about local health concerns.
  • Manages the distribution of Wellness Initiative Funds to Community Groups for projects related to our health priorities.
  • Encourage the community to get involved in health planning.
  • Nominates individuals from the community to the District Health Authority Board (DHA)

The Annapolis Community Health Board has not yet issued a statement regarding the future of the Health Centre in response to the recent developments. When something becomes available we will post it here.

Annapolis Valley Health

Nova Scotia’s health services are delivered by nine district health authorities and the IWK. These health authorities deliver health care services to residents and are responsible for all hospitals, community health services, mental health services and public health programs in their districts. The one responsible for the ACHC is Annapolis Valley Health.

AVH has published a brochure that briefly outlines their strategic plan. Well worth a quick read! And if you are interested in knowing how things work at AVH, have a look at their Org Chart.

NS Dept of Health

This is the provincial department responsible for our health care overall. According to their website, the Department of Health sets strategic direction for the health system through:

  • Direction and support of health transformation initiatives
  • Funding to district health authorities and provincial programs, including ground and air ambulance programs
  • Development and support of provincial programs and initiatives
  • Administration of continuing care services, the Senior’s Pharmacare Program and the Family Pharmacare Program
  • Policy, legislation and standards

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Happily, there has been early agreement for cooperation among the “Friends”, the Auxiliary and the Foundation in working together towards a strong future for our ACHC, retaining all services including a 24 hour full-capability Emergency Room.

There is always room for more help, so please be sure to contact us if  you feel you can help, using the contact form below.