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An interesting read from the Globe & Mail regarding a formula for funding hospitals that is actually based on their ability to provide good patient care – rewarding hospitals for doing a good job!

Have a read!


We’ve stumbled upon a few news items of interest – I’d like to share them with you here. Worth a read in each case.

** The first was in the Herald this morning: NS Doctor Shortage Closes Rural ER

Evidently Dr. Ross is meeting with the good citizens of Tatamagouche to discuss his work. I hope we merit the same courtesy soon!

** Another one passed along is from the Globe & Mail: Teen death ignites debate over emergency room closures.

Rural Ontario emergency rooms at centre of call for inquiry into the fallout of budget cuts

** And the final one for today…  also from the Globe & Mail: Can Canada Afford to be Healthy?

Here’s a quote from the article: “Even as a budget exercise, opponents say, converting the emergency rooms has failed. Niagara Health will save more than $1-million, but area municipalities and the province will spend an additional $3.1-million on ambulance service.”

Is this where we are headed? How can we turn this train around?


With all the rumours and controversy regarding the future of the Annapolis Community Health Centre, and its Emergency Room, this blog is a forum for community participation and sharing of information.

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