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A quick note to report that we now have video segments from the Community Meeting on November 18 available for your viewing pleasure. We were pleased to have a full house at King’s Theatre – a wonderful sign of the continued community support for a strong and vibrant Annapolis Community Health Centre!

There are several more segments, covering presentations by various related groups and by Dr. Barkwell and Dr. Buchholz. For those who couldn’t attend, or who wish to have a closer listen to the presentations, please visit (A DVD will soon be available for those who prefer that method.)




A reminder about a Community Meeting regarding the future of the Annapolis Community Health Centre, Thursday, November 18 at 7pm in King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal.

Hope to see you there – and please spread the word so we can fill the Theatre with a caring and involved community!

Click here for further information.

A reminder that Annapolis Valley Health is holding their Annual General Meeting September 21 at 7pm in Wolfville… and the public is welcome.

>> Get the Details Here.

Carpooling is encouraged. Please phone 532-2043 if you wish to carpool.

Yes, we the citizens are invited to Annapolis Valley Health’s upcoming Annual General Meeting… September 21 at 7pm in Wolfville.  At Acadia’s Festival Theatre, 386 Main Street. Guest speaker is Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health.

AND the program says that we can also expect a presentation entitled “Community Health Planning: A Collaborative Journey”.

Rumour has it that there are plans underway for carpooling for folks interesting in accepting the AVH invitation. We’ll post more information on that when we have it. Meanwhile, perhaps you all can think of a question or two you might ask AVH if there is an opportunity for queries during the AGM! I know I have a couple in mind!

Once again, we have what seems like an outrageous decision at ACHC by the folks at Annapolis Valley Health. Get this – we are told by the Doctors and Nurses that as of Sept 21 we can RETURN TO 24/7 service – isn’t that great? BUT, and it’s a really big ‘but’… AVH has DENIED us that right! We have the staffing to resume 24/7 and they (AVH) have said “NO”. Our docs are NOT ALLOWED to provide us with emergency care, even though they are now able to do so!

You can read more by following this link…

Just a quick reminder about the Public meeting at Cornwallis Monday evening 6-8pm.

An agenda for the evening has been released – have a look!  Agenda ACHC

We hope it will be an open and  informative session.

See you there!

The long awaited “Ross Report”, or at least an interim version, has been released. Dr. Ross has not yet completed his tour of the Province, but at least we now have something to chew on.

Check out the following:

Halifax Herald article “Doctor prescribes new ER strategies”

Halifax Herald article “Minister Welcomes Report, Opposition has Suspicions

Government website: Media Release & The Report

Several people from the community suggested that we provide some information about the “Friends of ACHC” group and how it relates to the various other organizations whose work supports the Health Centre. To that end, I have created a new page on this site that attempts to provide brief descriptions of the various players in local and provincial health care and how they interrelate…

Admittedly, it is a complex picture as there are many groups at various levels who have some role in the future of the ACHC. I’ve learned a lot assembling the information, and am truly hoping I haven’t missed anything, or mis-stated anything!

Check it out at Who’s Who.

If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering just what the “Collaborative Practice” really is. And from what I’ve learned so far, it can be many things, depending on who you are and where you are. So here I’d like to post a description of the ACHC Collaborative Practice as described by one of the physicians there:

What we have currently in the Annapolis Community Health Centre is quite an unusual set-up, which has evolved because of the people who work there, and the way they have all chosen to work together. Each week-day starts at 8.15am with a multidisciplinary team meeting, to which anyone is welcome. It is attended by physicians, nurse practitioner, RN, physio, occupational therapist, palliative care physicians and RN, continuing care coordinators, mental health team, addictions counsellor, diabetes specialist nurse, dietician, pharmacy assistant, public health nurse, medical students, trainee doctors, and administration. It is based around the current inpatients, and also any patients in the community who need input from the team. It typically lasts about 20 minutes, and then often breaks up into smaller groups who need to exchange information, before we all start our day.
Within the same building we offer E/R care, inpatient care, the only two designated palliative care beds in the district, and appointments for routine medical care – with physicians, NP, physio, OT, etc, plus lab and XR services. The people providing this care are the same ones who meet every morning, so this adds up to a complete range of very good quality care, because we all know the same patients, and we work smoothly together. It’s certainly the best place to work, and the best quality of care, that I have encountered.

As a group, the physicians and NP (nurse practitioner) at ACHC saw 10584 individual patients Jan 1/08 to Jan 1/09 and 8211 patients Jan 1/09 to Oct/10 with each physician seeing on average 2300 individual patients yearly.

So that helps me understand the terminology a little better when we are talking about the ACHC and it’s staff. Hope it helps you too.

People have been asking… who is “we”?

The “we” I refer to in most of my posts is an ad hoc group that has formed in the past month, after that memorable “Community Conversation” at AWEC. We call ourselves “Friends of the Annapolis Community Health Centre” or “Friends of ACHC” for short.

We are a group of citizens who care very much about the fate of ACHC, just as you do. We gather at Granville Hall every so often, and work between meetings on various tasks that we hope will lead us all to understand more about what is happening, and to help others understand how much we need to retain all the services at ACHC including a 24 hour ER.

One of the “Friends” has written a brief summary about our group – have a quick read. There is always room for more help, so please be sure to contact us if  you feel you can help, using the contact form below.



With all the rumours and controversy regarding the future of the Annapolis Community Health Centre, and its Emergency Room, this blog is a forum for community participation and sharing of information.

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