The much-anticipated “Ross Report” was released October 26, 2010…

Download Here: The Patient Journey Through Emergency Care in Nova Scotia

You should take a few minutes to download and read the report to form your own opinions. Much of the report makes good sense, on the surface. But there is also great concern about what the potential impact would be on our Health Centre if & when the policymakers move forward on his recommendations.

There will be a Community Meeting to discuss the current ER situation at the Annapolis Community Health Centre, and to discuss the Ross Report and how it might affect us in the future.  The meeting will be held at King’s Theatre on Thursday, November 18, 7pm. Organizers are hoping to fill the Theatre – its a great chance to catch up on the latest information about our ER, to learn a bit more about the recommendations in the Ross Report, and to ask questions or give your opinion.

We’ve made some progress in our quest for a return to 24/7 ER service in Annapolis Royal. We’re up to 24/6… one more day to go! The success so far was made possible by A COMMUNITY THAT CARES! Because we stood together, as a community, and said we MUST have 24/7 and we DESERVE 24/7. So let’s continue to stand together and make sure that any future plans for the Annapolis Community Health Centre are made with our input, with our support, and will take care of our community’s needs for many years to come!

Be sure to attend the November 18 Community Meeting!

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