This just in from the Steering Committee…

The team that represented the FACHC Steering Committee met Monday to review the findings and outcome of the meeting with Janet Knox, Karen Smith, and Wendy Walters of AVH this past Saturday at the Hillsdale House. The purpose of the Saturday meeting was to understand, discuss, question and challenge AVDHA’s refusal to permit the full-service 24-7 ER from reopening.

It was the unanimous consensus of the Steering Committee team, “That the AVDHA made no apparent movement to 24/7 ER, and that the status quo of 24/5 would remain in effect until after the release of the Ross Report”.

Therefore, a Thursday, September 23, 7 pm meeting of the FACHC Working Group at the Granville Ferry Hall has been scheduled to formulate the content, approach, and implementation of a Community Meeting at King’s Theatre on October 14. The purpose of which is to seek the advisement of our community (ACHC catchment area), and the support of the 24/7 resolution by the FAHC.

Hope to see you at the next Working Group meeting:

Thursday, September 23, 7 pm
Granville Ferry Hall